Aglaja Brix – born in 1990.

Specialized in staged photography my heart beats for fashion photography but also portrait photography plays a great role in my work. Political themes and music are favourite subjects to implement.

I made my first acquaintances with the camera in the childhood when I was acting - so I know the importance and value of "telling stories".

In 2013 I won the "Glamour Styling Contest" - Condé Nast publishing.

In January 2014 I finished my Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg (HAW), department design, subject graphic design, specialized in photography.

In October 2014 I won Gold in the category Reportage at the Gosee Awards.

In November 2014 my work was shown at the Photo Off exhibition in Paris; finally got featured in Vogue Italy

In summer 2015 I assisted at Harper's Bazaar Germany – Burda Hearst Publishing.

I teamed up with photographer Florian Maas for some great work. Check out our collaborative website:

Here you can get an overview about my farm sanctuary work:

All material © Aglaja Brix 2014

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